Webinar English Courses


E-learning Webinars are now the preferred choice for busy professionals.

If you want to improve your English conversation and/or writing skills, our Webinars are a proven communications and delivery tool that can effectively enhance your English language skills. Choose to focus on general English, business English, or both.

Build The Course You Want

Our virtual English courses (using Skype) are offered in private, shared tutorial (2), or small group formats (max 4) and combine the learning benefits of personalized face-to-face training with the flexibility you demand. Now you can effortlessly add our training to your busy agenda.

Our Lessons are available:

  • in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions
  • up to five times per week (depending on your needs and learning goals)
  • from 8 am until 8 pm 7 days a week
  • from your office, home or even while on business trips
Personalized Training

Your course will be based on the personal and professional needs and objectives that you set out. Whatever your field of business (Finance, HR, IT, Logistics, Communications, or….), we will customize your course to prepare you for the English language challenges of your industry. During and following each lesson, we will provide you with positive corrective feedback that targets your mistakes and recommend additional study materials to accelerate your progress between lessons.


Log on with us and learn in style.



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