English for Specific Purposes

An ESP course will help you:

  • build your confidence and fluency in situations relevant to your professional function
  • develop skills to overcome linguistic blocks both on the telephone and face-to-face
  • activate your passive vocabulary and widen your range of expressions
  • get phrases ready “at your fingertips” when you need them in everyday business contexts

These courses are customized to suit a variety of needs and objectives, but will generally include:

  • a focus on professional and commercial communication skills
  • negotiating styles and techniques
  • presentation skills
  • social English
  • writing skills
  • emphasis on the vocabulary and expressions needed to effectively communicate in your field or industry

We offer individually designed one-on-one lessons, shared tutorials (2), small group classes (3-6) or a combination of small group plus one-on-one lessons.

These courses can be combined with Business courses or General English courses with a range of options available. Contact us so we can design the best course for you.

Courses tailored to any industry:


Accounting                  Administration            Aeronautics                 Banking and Finance

Construction               Fashion                       Hotel and Tourism      Information Technology

Insurance                    Law                             Manufacturing            Medicine

Pharmaceutical           Publishing                   Sales                          Telecommunications


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