Why Us

English Place is operated by a team of professionals with the educational background, linguistic expertise and workplace experience to deal with our clients’ English learning needs efficiently and effectively.

Our teachers provide personalized language training in person at your office, or by distance via Skype or over the telephone. We cater to your English learning needs while working around your schedule.

Our Client-Centred approach to language training recognizes that each of our clients is unique.

Accordingly, we ensure that every lesson we give, group or private, is also unique.

We do not recycle lessons from class to class, or from client to client.

Our Language Audit enables us to tailor English courses to meet clients’ needs and objectives.

We offer a wide range of English courses from beginner through advanced levels in General English, Business English and English for Specific Purposes.

We have an agreement number with Emploi Quebec for those corporations that are able to take advantage of Bill 90, or the 1% law. Investing in professional development, such as English language courses, has become a cost-effective, results-oriented way to improve individual and organizational performance. ________________________________________________________________________________________

At English Place we:

* use a client-centred instructional approach
* offer a range of courses from beginner to advanced proficiency levels
* customize courses to target clients’ language needs
* help our clients avoid common errors in English
* produce confident, articulate and effective communicators
* offer coursesthat vary in length

* like our intensive English programs to help prepare for upcoming meetings, conferences, or work-related English language exams (e.g. B or C designation for government positions)



Language Research
We take into account the latest research in second language acquisition when designing our courses.

* We consider the role the mother-tongue plays in learning English, because a person’s first language affects his/her ability to learn a second language

* We look at the similarities, differences andCross-Linguistic Influence between two or more languages

* We also follow research in Chunking,Corpus linguistics and Psycholinguistics

* All of this enables us to design courses that maximize your time and learning potential

Your Time
We understand your time is valuable:

* Our teachers adapt to your schedule and can either come to your office or provide distance learning training

* You want maximum results from minimal input

* Take an Intensive English course:

* for clients wanting to make great progress in a short amount of time

* for clients wanting to succeed at upcoming business trips, meetings, conferences, training, or language exams

5 pm Cancellation Policy

* We know that professional and personal priorities can sometimes interfere with language classes

* We understand that from time to time lesson cancellations are part of the business

* So we set up our 5 p.m. cancellation policy:

If you phone or email our office by 5 pm (EST) the business day before your scheduled class, we are happy to postpone and reschedule your lesson for another date and time.

Other Courses
* Take a Writing, Telephone or e-learning course
* Or combine any of them with a conversation course
Courses in 4 different formats:

* Private lessons

* Shared tutorials (2)

* Small group (3-6)

* Skills workshops (7-10)

* Combine Small Group with Private Lessons


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